Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lafazio Watercolor Journal Class Week 6: Sketch & Paint Animals

Last week was week 5 and the assignment was to make a box to hold the paintings but since my entries are in my journal I opted out of that.  There was also an assignment to make small on the go accordion books and I made two using the hotpress paper but am not sure how I like the hotpress paper...

So this week was to sketch moving animals. With the wintry weather this weekend I chose to sketch my cats Emma & Ollie. I also sketched a neighbor cat (Stubby) as he sat outside our patio door this morning. He and my cat hang out. He has a rags to riches story! He started out as a kitten in the local lumber yard where people kept trying to hit him with cars. One of the workers (a student's parent) brought him home but they already had 3 dogs and a cat. They never got him fixed and was basically a roaming tom-cat yowling his way through the neigborhood always appearing with cat fight wounds (but he and my cat never had a problem). He was always skinny and rough looking. Then the family moved away and left him behind. Eventually a wonderful family across the street took him in and now he is fat and happy with four adoring girls that dote constantly on him. I'm not too happy with my painting of him, but oh well... Otherwise, I'm content with my pages.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lafazio Watercolor Journal Class Week 4: Go outside and sketch...

...this week we were challenged to go just go outside and sketch.  Despite a cloudy and blustery day I spent some time in my backyard, a place I practically live in during the Summer to sketch some areas of the yard.  Hints of Spring entice me... as seen in my sketch...

Below is one I did later this weekend...finally using the hotpress paper recommended for the class.  My journal is coldpress, which I still prefer.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kirman House Museum Visit

I did 4 pages at the Kirkman House Museum here in town. Below are two of the pages completed and two of the pages that are a work in progress (just penciled in on one page which I do have photographs to help me finish). I'm thinking of calling the unfinished pages "Fannie's Room" and am trying to decide how I want to finish it off.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lafazio Watercolor Journal Class Week 3: Go out and Sketch/Paint in Public...

Our assignment this week is to go to a museum. I've decided to go to to small privately owned place downtown - The Museum of Un-natural History. A one-man show of funky dadaism inspired art.

This week we are to use our watersoluble Tombow pens to capture images.  Then brush the lines to create depth, and finish the work at home...adding color, words, frame, etc. 


Well I must admit, this was harder than last week.  The museum was small and bursting with his artwork...sensory overload for me.  And the aisle ways were narrow, and no where to sit.  I felt cramped and uncomfortable standing.  So I did two quick pen sketches then left and headed off to our town's historcial "Kirkman House Museum." 

Below is the result of the Museum of Un-natural History visit once I got home to work on it more.  I wasn't sure if I would even finish it, but I do like the end result.  Later I'll post my sketches from the Kirkman museum.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011