Saturday, June 23, 2012

On My Own...Aussie Outback Shed

Working on a painting of my own of a shed I photographed when traveling in the Australia Outback a few years ago.  First the photo, then a value study/color study plan in my sketchbook, and then a painting.  I call it "Take 1" because I'm painting it again.  I hated it when I first finished it.  But when I looked at it later, I didn't hate it so much.  I even found parts I liked such as the inside of the shed.  I really feel like I captured depth here.  The rest is okay but the part I like the least is my attempt at capturing the shadows on the shed.  Mine is too splotchy...I want to paint the shadows softer.  So today I'm working on "Take 2" and probably after that a "Take 3"...
Aussie Shed - Take 1

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